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This week only !!!!  Meyer Lemons!

We are back in action and relaunching our food preservationists program with a more complete package.  The boxes now come more complete with all you need to make the preserves and with recipes to encourage you to really preserve your own food.  Happy Girl Kitchen recipes are always simple and delicious and we are happy to share them with you in our boxes.  If you need a little more help, you can also sign up for one of our workshops and really hit the road running!


How it works

Join our email list to begin receiving our seasonal offerings of produce. Throughout the year offerings will include whatever is exciting that the farmers are growing: apples, pears, quince and citrus in the autumn and winter –all in bulk box quantities. (We are open to requests as well). Your box contains the freshest produce possible from our network of diversified, organic family farms. Food Preservationist members receive the same quality produce at its peak that we use in all our Happy Girl recipes.

We are now in the summer season schedule and offerings will go out ONCE A WEEK during this time. A newsletter will be sent on Friday, announcing the next week’s offerings and you place your order and pay online by the following Tuesday, selecting one of our 10 expanded sites for pick up (see below).   The next offering will be delivered to your pick-up location the following friday.  

The best part about the Food Preservationists is its flexibility. You are free to order to your own desires or not each week - there is no obligation or commitment. On Friday afternoon, pick up your order at the site you selected. Once you place an order you are responsible for making sure that the produce is picked up.

It’s that easy! Just sign up to start receiving our newsletter.


This week’s offerings:
Organic Dry Farmed tomatoes 20 pounds for $35.

Organic Mixed heirloom tomatoes 20 pounds for $30.

Organic Salsa box = 20 pounds of heirloom tomatoes, 2 bunches cilantro, 3 onions, a handful of peeled garlic, two handfuls of jalapenos and a couple of lemons. …..World Famous Salsa!!! $40./box

Organic red raspberries 1 flat of 12 baskets for $30. grown by ALBA Organics. These are fresh, plump and delicious!
Just check the items you'd like, and we will gather and deliver them to the convenient pick-up spot of your choice. AWESOME!!

Pick Up Locations

Exact addresses will be sent upon order confirmation

East Bay
Temescal, Oakland

San Francisco
Bernal Heights, SF
Yerba Buena District, SF
Mission, SF
Upper Haight, SF
The Peninsula
Mountain View

Central Coast
Happy Girl Kitchen, Pacific Grove
Santa Cruz
PS All orders are final. We arrange with farmers to absorb their abundance based on the orders we receive. You are responsible for payment even if you do not pick up the order; we cannot offer refunds or credits for unclaimed orders. We want to preserve the harvest and not waste it! Thank you.

happy girl kitchen co. is proud to offer the very best in artisan preserves, workshops and events in the bay area. we work closely with area farmers, as all products are all made with organic farm fresh produce.
contact sales@happygirl kitchen.com for more information, shipping inquiries or to send love notes.