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July 2: Amazing Pickles; Cucumbers and dilly beans! Oakland 11-3pm

Everything cucumbers.  We will teach you how to keep them crunchy and fresh and deeeelish!  We will teach you how to make a great classic sour and half sour.  You will make that perfect jar of dilly beans and a "not too cloyingly sweet" bread and butter.  You will learn how to ferment, make fresh refrigerator pickles and hot water bath canned.  Everything cucumbers!  July is the only month that we teach pickling cucumbers as they are only here for a short while and we always work with what is in season.

Pickling is one of our favorite things to do at Happy Girl Kitchen. This workshop will begin with an introductory talk and tasting and we begin to divulge all of our secrets on how to get the right texture and flavor in your pickles. All of our recipes are simple and delicious and we will teach you how to keep it safe and yummy. We will cover topics of PH and botulism and flavor combinations. Then we head into the kitchen to begin creating the magic. 

All techniques learned can be transferred to other pickle varieties too. You will take home 4 jars of our creations and I will cook lunch for us all to share half way through. Register early as classes fill up fast! 

This workshop is held from 11am - 3pm at the Big Blue Victorian in Oakland:
449 49th St.
Oakland, CA 94609

happy girl kitchen co. is proud to offer the very best in artisan preserves, workshops and events in the bay area. we work closely with area farmers, as all products are all made with organic farm fresh produce.
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