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October 5 - Pickling and ferments in Pacific Grove 5-8pm


In this workshop we will dive into the wonderful world of pickles and fermented foods.  The co-founder, Jordan Champagne, will just be coming from inspirations with Sandor Katz and will be super excited to share with you new techniques and ideas gathers.  We will begin with an hour introductory talk and tasting of topics covering food safety, Ph scale, preserving food and flavor construction! 

Through discussion, tastings and hands on preparation you will become familiar with how to create and care for these living vegetable ferments and nourishing tonics of fermented foods. We will make a sauekraut, a Beet Kvass and garden bouquet pickles .  We will focus on the seasonal vegetables.  We will absolutely be making our signature "bombay Beets".  You will take home 3 jars of goodies and a belly full of great food from an all organic lunch Register early as classes have become quite popular!

All techniques learned can be transferred to other pickle varieties too. You will take home 3 jars of our creations and we will have snacks and a light dinner to share half way through. Register early as classes fill up fast! Light dinner included!

This workshop is held from 5-8pm

Location HGK in Pacific Grove, 173 Central Ave.

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