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September 21 - Preserved Tomatoes in Pacific Grove


With all of the wonderful tomatoes rolling out of our central coast into early autumn, it would be a shame not to put as many as possible for our rainy winters.  There are such amazing heirloom tomatoes that come from our local farms, many of which wouldn't survive the rough and tumble road to the markets.  We will teach you the art of putting up these luscious heirlooms as well as dry-farmed in-your-face-tomato-flavor Early Girl's, and the difference in canning the two.  We will also teach you our famous world famous salsa recipe and spicy tomato juice (that's right).

There are many myths when it comes to canning tomatoes - many recipes will have you blanching, peeling, sterilizing, etc until you want to pull your hair out!  In this workshop you'll learn how to jar up tomatoes the Happy Girl way - simple and delicious.  

We've got all kinds of tricks and tips to get you on your way to a pantry full of summer tomatoes, we'll go over all of the pertinent food safety issues, PH scale and hot water bath canning.  

You will take home 3 jars of our creations and we will share dinner and snacks half way through. Register early as classes fill up fast! 

This workshop is held from 5-8pm

Location HGK in Pacific Grove, 173 Central Ave.


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