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Citrus Bliss Marmalade Gift Box

Citrus Bliss Marmalade Gift Box


All of Happy Girl Kitchen Co marmalades are handmade in small batches and have the perfect balance of sweet, bitter and sour.  Our favorite farmers share their sun-ripened fruit from treasured trees clinging to the wild hillsides of Big Sur and Santa Cruz.  Happy Girl uses the unique varieties of Bearss Limes, Meyer Lemons and heritage citrus grown near by.  This is a fun mix for the marmalade lover of 4 different of our favorite marmalades! You will taste California sunshine in each jar and relish the chunky texture of these preserves. It comes with an 8 oz jar of Orange Rosemary marmalade and an 8 oz jar of Meyer Lemon Marmalade.  There are also 4 oz jars of Pink Grapefruit and Big Sur Marmalade.  YUM and FUN!

They come packaged in a cute little white box with a bow. Don't forget to write a note for the gift card, if this is a gift. You can also add a cute black suitcase to your order if you would like us to package it in that and dress it up a little bit. You will see one available on each page of the shop!  CUTE!

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