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"There's a Party in My Pantry" Degree - 5 Workshops in Pacific Grove on  Food Preservation

"There's a Party in My Pantry" Degree - 5 Workshops in Pacific Grove on Food Preservation

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Join Happy Girl owners Todd + Jordan Champagne for 5 Workshops of your choice & empower yourself to preserve food throughout the seasons! This sequential seasonal experience will propel you to a deep connection with your local foodshed & thus there will always be "a party in your pantry"!

Here at Happy Girl Kitchen we LOVE to teach all of the secrets that we have learned about preserving fruits + vegetables. We have tons of tips to share about making delicious low sugar jams, crunchy pickles and fresh, well textured tomatoes. So we are now offering a "There's a Party in My Pantry" Degree after you complete 5 workshops.  With this degree, signed by the owners, you will be able to fearlessly pack an array of seasonal preserves, host your own pickle packing parties, design your own recipes for jams and pickles and wow your friends with tomato preserves like our world famous salsa + spicy tomato juice!!! 

These are essential skills to:

1) Kick your Urban Homesteading into high gear!

2) Inform your home business or entrepreneurial ventures with safe preservation practices.

3) Share with your food community, friends & family to re-skill in prep for the Zombie Apocalypse!

4) Perpetually stock a party in your pantry!

To get the "There's a Party in My Pantry" Degree you need to take 5 Happy Girl workshops. We recommend taking one jam workshop, one pickle workshop, one tomato workshop, one marmalade workshop + one fermentation workshop.

We teach throughout the Bay Area at many locations including Flour + Water Restaurant in San Francisco, a gorgeous Historic Victorian in Oakland, our Micro Cannery & Cafe in Pacific Grove, and Live Earth Farm in Watsonville. You get a great price + save 25% when you register for 5 workshops at one time. Simply email us at with the workshops + date you would like to attend. Once you take one workshop you can then register for the advanced workshops. Workshops fill up fast, so please let us know which ones you would like as soon as you know!

GET YOUR "There's a Party in My Pantry" DEGREE!!! This is your ticket to complete confidence in home canning!

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