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It Starts with Fruit

Simple Techniques & Delicious Recipes
Jam-making gets a bad rap for being highly technical, complicated, messy, hot, and sticky. Most jam cookbooks are perceived as pretty, but too hard. It Starts with Fruit challenges that assumption with Jordan Champagne’s more approachable, fun, flavorful and low sugar preserving techniques. For years, Champagne has been sharing her unconventional methods for making fruit preserves in her workshops at Happy Girl Kitchen in Pacific Grove, California but now readers can learn her secrets from the comfort of their home kitchen.
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about the author
JORDAN CHAMPAGNE is the cofounder and owner of Happy Girl Kitchen, a café and preserves shop in Pacific Grove, California. She experiments with the local, organic harvest in California’s central coast to create her own recipes and techniques for making delicious preserves from the best of what’s around, and teaches workshops to people who come from all over to learn the secrets of making jams, marmalades, and whole fruit preserves. Jordan lives in Carmel Valley, CA with her husband and two teenagers.
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