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Community Nights

Community Nights at Happy Girl

They are coming back starting July 14th.  Every Friday night from 4-7:30pm!  Reserve your spot now!

What are community nights?  They are nights when we open our kitchen up to you.  They are a chance to come in after work or school and be a part of the magic that happens with the local harvest here.  You can help and learn and share all at once and they are free.  Open to all ages and skill levels, they are a chance for you to casually be a part of our community and we end the night all eating dinner together.  You also take home a jar of what we make!  They are from 4-7:30pm.  Please come and join us for atleast 2 hours!  Children are welcome and can also help in the kitchen and if they are under 13 they must be accompanied by a guardian.  We will also have games for them to play once they get tired out!  There is a registration form at the cafe for the event as we have a limited amount of space.  Call ahead and see if there is any room left at 831.373.4475.


Note :  all projects are subject to change to availability of local harvest.  We will always be making something.  also if this schedule does not work for you, please contact us about our daytime apprenticeship program at

Community Nights are an idea that was formed when owner, Jordan Champagne, was at a Wendell Berry talk. It was in the midst of Tomato Season and we were swamped with tomatoes and invited our friends to come and help with the work.  They were so popular that we are now committed to continuing them in a regular schedule throughout the year.