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December 7 - Homestead Dinner Series

December 7 - Homestead Dinner Series


Join us on Friday evening at the Happy Girl Kitchen Cafe for an amazing and authentic Indian dinner which is sure to take you on a journey!  We will be taking you on a journey through sound, smell and taste to an authentic Indian experience.  The food will spotlight local farms and everything that is wonderfully in season the day of the feast.  

We recommend you wear some Indian clothing to add to the festive atmosphere!  Lots of colors and even a flower garland if you can.  It is going to be a wonderful night!

This homestead dinner series is a fundraiser for the Happy Girl Kitchen Homestead in Carmel Valley. These dinners are a chance to gather community around great food and good company sharing visions, ideas, dreams and an all around good time.  Why are they called “homestead Dinners?” Most importantly we want you to feel that you are esteemed guests in our home. Also, as you may know, we have recently bought a homestead in Carmel Valley.  It has long been our dream to have land of our own to host activities and events such as workshops, summer camps, retreats and dinners. We have taken another step towards that goal in buying 26 acres with good water and home.  It is going to take A LOT of equity to make our dreams come true. We seem to have lots of sweat equity and we decided to host a monthly dinner series in efforts to help fund our dreams for the property. We will directly use all proceeds from the dinner series to help build our dreams of a community space for empowerment around food!  



The menu is subject to change due to seasonal availability and the chefs whims.  


Aloo Tika + dipping sauces

Papadum + Bittermelon


Spiced little carrots + chickpea sauerkraut puree

Kofta Balls in Tomato Sauce

Saffron Rice + Cashews + cilantro

Cabbage and chickpea curry


Srikand with honeyed spiced oranges and pistachios


Dinner starts at 7pm at our cafe and space in Pacific Grove:

173 Central Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950



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