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January 26th - Teen cooking - Beans and grains - the staples of eating cheap and well! part 4 of 4 in the series. Pacific Grove 5-8 pm


There are many people who go off to college or moving out of the house lacking sufficient cooking skills.  Don't let this happen to your child!  Teens are often more open to learning from people outside of the home.  This workshop is geared towards teens who are ready to gain some serious skills in the kitchen and inspire them to make better food choices.  All skill levels are welcome and there will be something for everyone to learn.

All of the food in our workshop will be organic, local and fresh.  We will make everything from scratch and are happy to share skills, secrets and shortcuts to making delicious meals.  Chef Suzanne has a lot of skills and recipes and has two grown children who she has inspired to learn to cook and make wise choices about food.  Kitchen extraordinaire Luis has a fun spirit with a casual mood that will inspire the teens to understand that cooking is cool!  Together they are the perfect combo to inspire your teens to cook great food.  

Beans and grains are the building blocks of healthy and affordable eating the world over.  Together, they are some of the wisest food choices and they are essential to a budget diet or a vegetarian diet.  There is a whole world of legumes to explore and we will go over a dozen different varieties and their uses.  Garbanzos, lentils, cannelini beans, pinto beans, black beans and more!  We will also cover the wide range of grains so that the teens learn that there is way more to the world than white rice.  Quinoa, millet, barley and rice.  We will build a meal with a variety of these beans and grains, add some sauces that we learned earlier in the series, and prepare some fresh, local vegetables..  This is a must for any teen who wants to eat healthy their whole life!

All participants will all sit down and eat dinner together and will take something home to start a meal the next day.

This is going to be a really fun workshop, so register early as they tend to fill up fast!  The workshop will be held at Happy Girl Kitchen Flagship location from 5-8 pm at 173 Central ave, Pacific Grove 93950.  If you register for all four workshops in the series you will receive a discount.  You can register for that HERE

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