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The Happy Girl Shelter in Place Box!  1 week - (SOLD OUT) WILL OPEN UP AGAIN SATURDAY APRIL 4TH

The Happy Girl Shelter in Place Box! 1 week - (SOLD OUT) WILL OPEN UP AGAIN SATURDAY APRIL 4TH

$125.00 $200.00


Here is what you really want to stock your pantry and refrigerator. The best of all the happy girl selections delivered to you in one box! 

Use the code "free local delivery" or "pick up only" to get rid of shipping cost!  Thanks!!!

Each week the box will be filled with a variety of nourishing foods that you love at Happy Girl Kitchen!  We will include staples such as our soups, salads and baked goods and way more! 

We need people to sign up for one month right now if you can so that we can continue to order the goods that we need to make this yummy food and pay our staff!  We feel like this box is a real win win because you get a $200 value for only $125 and we get to stay in business and deliver direct while we all hunker down! 

 You can add any other goods sold on the happy girl website to your order and we will include them in your box!

Every week the box will change to give you variety!  We will also throw in extra goodies such as different kinds of spices and other treats.  This box is intended to be a good portion for 1 to 2 people for the week and as a hearty supplement for groups of more than that!  

This weeks box includes: (but we will throw in more)

1 rainbow roots mix from Mariquita farms including rainbow colored carrots, turnips and radishes!  Nice to help a farmer out!

mixed citrus from our favorite diverse citrus farm in big sur!  YUM!

2 quarts of fresh made soup from Chef Suzanne - each quart a meal for two! This week is Morrocan lentil stew and hot and sour vegetable soup with tofu!  Nourishing!!!

1 Italian theme of bulk items including polenta, cannelini beans - which go perfect with our dry farmed tomatoes!

1 jar of arugula pesto

1 jar of fresh bread and butter pickles and sour dills

2 salads from chef brandon - different every week!

Baked goods from sophia including jam bars and some cookies.

1 jar of fermented raw kimchi - good for the immune system!

An assortment of Happy Girl jarred goods including: These will add fun to your week through putting together your own food!  Remember to use these up week after week!  Dont just have them sit in your cupboards because more are coming!!!

1 jar of pepper jam - great for making sweet and sour sauces like we put in our soup this week - great for stir fry's
some other variety of marmalades, jams and a shrub!!!
Oh and some love and random acts of kindness!!!


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