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Pantry Party Pack - Deluxe


The box of all boxes!  This gift box contains a little of everything that we do so that you can really stock your pantry.

In this box you will receive 15 jars of mixed Happy Girl Kitchen preserves.  We have preserved the local, organic harvest of the most premium fruit we can get our hands on.  This box will make it so that you are ready for hosting dinner parties and treating your friends to the finest preserves.

Jams - Happy Girl makes low-sugar, high fruit jams out of the most flavorful local fruit around.  You will receive a 4 oz jar of Olallieberry Jam, Pepper Jam & Plum Jam.

Marmalades - The wonderful tart citrus flavors are captured here as the velvety rind is suspended in the translucent sunshine!  Our marmalades are exquisite!  You will receive a 4 oz jar of each the Big Sur Marmalade, Blood Orange Marmalades & Meyer Lemon Marmalade.

Pickles - This is one of my favorite words to say and things to eat!  They add color and flavor to any appetizer tray and make entertaining a snap!  You receive Pickled Beets, Spicy Carrots and Classic Dills.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes that are preserved while they are ripe are really in a completely different category than others.  You can taste the sunshine and action packed flavor in each jar.  In the box you will receive our world famous Spicy Tomato Juice + the velvety sweet Dry Farm Tomatoes and Crushed Dry Farm Tomatoes!   All are ultra premium!!

Shrubs are an old fashioned way of preserving fruit juice in vinegar.  You can use them to make mocktails or cocktails or in salad dressings.  You will receive Apple Ginger, Quince and Plum Cinnamon Shrub.  All the YUM and all the FUN!

*We are going to make your box as awesome as possible but please be aware that based on seasonal availability items in our gift boxes are subject to change but maintain the same Happy Value.


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