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Happy Girl is a real fun space for many occasions... dinners, community events, parties and more! 

We create and host a lot of our own Happy Girl Kitchen events and we also host private events!      




Gathering around a fresh cider press is one of my favorite autumnal rituals. Our first cider pressing was at our home in Aromas in 2003. There was an abandoned orchard on the outskirts of town where the locals would go and harvest. The apples were so diverse and tasty! It was almost like a community gathering spot - people would bring kids, trucks and dogs and boxes to fill. We would harvest one day and then press the next. I still am friends with many of the people that were there on that first pressing party - you know who you are. We celebrated 6 cider pressing parties at that lovely house on the end of the street until we moved them to our cafe in Pacific Grove. I just love the sticky scent that fills the air all day long. The sound of the gears on the press as it goes down and the fun of watching the pulp shoot out at an innocent passerby...

Communities gathering around harvesting, preparing and preserving food feels almost like a healing experience - definitely something we all need. Over the years we have used our cider pressing party to celebrate our anniversary as we opened in the Autumn. This year Happy Girl will have had the cafe and store for 13 years! And we are celebrating our 20th year in business. That is remarkable when you think about it. We have been preserving the local, organic harvest for 20 years!

Please come celebrate pressing cider with us and celebrating autumn! We will have a lot of apples to press! Wear your overalls and you get a free cup of cider! 

- Jordan

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