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Happy New Year

New Year...I felt like I had a mini new year in Late October and I realize that it helps to have mini new years throughout the year so that one can consolidate ideas and actually take action.  The changing of the year on our calendars is a natural time to reflect and set goals.  I will share with you Happy Girls stats for 2016 and goals for 2017!!!.. .. . ..  . .. . . . ..  .. . . .. ...   It is pretty wild how much fun we manage to have at work.  We know that we are very fortunate....

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Holiday fun for the kids the week before Christmas

Not sure what to do with your kids for break?  Wish they did more crafting or cooking this time of year? Holiday Camp December 19th - 23rd December 19-23rd  9-3pm for kids 8-12 years old.  After care from 3-5pm available at an extra cost ($7 per hour).  this camp is intended to be a culinary and crafting explosion of joy during the first week of holiday break!!! 173 Central Ave. Pacific Grove $395 per child, sibling discounts available and internships available. Food Projects for the week - all ingredients will be organic and as local as possible. Pumpkin pie with...

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Happy Girl is making American great again!

Sometimes I wonder how I got so into halloween.  Then, I string all of the effort together and see that this time of year really needs a lot of celebrating.  We are settling into autumn and the darkness and the rains (YAY for rain).  Harvesting giant orange globes on a hillside with an ocean view is a really nice way to nourish the soul during dark times.  Jumping off of bales of hay and then bringing these beautiful pumpkins and gourds to decorate and bring joy.  Making ghosts out of sheets and scarecrows.  Planning events for the community to gather...

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14th annual cider pressing party!

 Anytime it is the 14th annual anything you know it is going to be a good time!  This Saturday is our 14th annual apple pressing party.  It all started when we lived in Aromas near an abandoned apple orchard that the entire town enjoyed harvesting from.  The apples were all unique varieties and had a wonderfully complex flavor.  We knew it was a good excuse for a party. And every year since then, pressing apples has been a good excuse for a party.  It is really fun to get together and do work that all ages can contribute to.  We...

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Only 1 week left!!!


Amos Nachoun and Happy Girl Unite in a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!!!It is all about community.... In this day, people are so busy it is hard to find the time to connect.  I am lucky to have a cafe that is a destination that people come to do just that and we have a regular we would like to connect you to.  Meet Amos Nachoun, world class photographer and adventurer.  He is just too good to keep to ourselves and so together we have launched a kickstarter campaign to introduce him to the rest of the community!  You never know who is sitting...

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