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Shelter in Place/Friday Happy Girl Place - April 18th

Hello Hunkered down people!

So this weeks box was packed with a lot of nourishment.  They are nice pairings and can be eaten on their own.  Try some of the gigante bean soup with some quineoa and a little of the spinach salad.  One of my favorite meals on the planet is quinoa with avocado and tahini dressing!!!

In previous posts I put a recipe about cooking beans.  The green flagolet beans are one of my favorites!  I recommend cooking up the entire bag and then having them in your fridge all week to make up meals with.  My favorite way is to cook them in the crock pot.  I love to make a little soup with them with the spicy tomato juice!  

The spritzer and the shrubs are great with sparkling water!  The shrubs have vinegar in them and the apple ginger shrub is GREAT in dressings and sautees for green vegetables!!!

Please enjoy the goods!

This weeks box will include something like this:

Soups: 1 quart each. Vegan and gluten free
Creamy Potato with Spinach
Gigante Beans with vegetables
Salads: Vegan and Gluten Free - options
Orzo Salad or GF pasta with dried tomatoes, olives, veggies and italian dressing.
Arugula, goat cheese (or toasted nuts) beets and cranberries
Tahini dressing
Lavender Lemonade (turned into an avocado)
Bliss Balls (V + GF)
Salad mix from Spade and plough
1/2 loaf of sourdough bread or GF bread (we just dont have a big enough oven to do full loaves for everyone so we settled on this so we can include every week!
Shortbread cookies - Pistachio and orange blossom and lavender
Snickerdoodle (gluten free and vegan option)
Captain and Stoker Coffee (really wanted to share the love with them and you!)
Organic Quinoa
Organic heirloom green flagolet beans
Apple Ginger Shrub - great in sparkling water OR in a kale salad!
Orange Rosemary Marmalade - on toast or in a marinade!
Apricot Chili Jam - Award winning!
Dry Farmed tomato juice - great to drink or cook with!
Spicy Tomato Juice - perfect for a mocktail/cocktail or to cook with!
lemon Lavender Spritzer - sophisticated sparkling drink! (add sparkling water)

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