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Shrubs and Spritzers

Shrubs are a party just waiting to happen.  They are an old fashioned way of preserving fruit juice with vinegar and the natural sweet and sour flavor can add so much to your cupboards.  You can add one part shrub to 5 parts sparkling water for a refreshing beverage.  The spices in the shrubs make such interesting mocktails or cocktails.  Also, they can be used in cooking wherever sweet and sour flavors are desired like in a glace, stir fry, Salad dressing or in a raw vegetable salad or coleslaw.  Yum and FUN!  The word Shrub comes from the Arabic word "sherab" which means to drink.  They are really old school and are really good for us because drinking vinegar is a health tonic which alkalizes our inner PH which is good for you.  Cheers to good health!