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Quince Shrub

Quince Shrub


Made from the pulp of quince which is an antique fruit in the apple/pear family. Quince is great paired with a hard salty cheeses like Manchego. It’s one of our favorites around here, and we know you’ll love it once you give it a try! Enjoy!


If you are drinking shrubs, you are ahead of the curve. The word shrub comes from the Arabic word "sherab" which means "to drink". It is an old fashioned way of preserving fruit juice without it turning to alcohol. The combination of spices and vinegar makes the juice a more condensed elixir and I believe that these tonics have healing properties! This sweet-and-sour syrup can be mixed with water or soda water and served as a refreshing drink, or it is a good base in St. Germaine based cocktails. The floral essence of the quince paired with star anise and fennel make this cordial a party in a bottle! USE: 2 tablespoons per 8 oz of water or soda water or a splash in champagne! Feeling festive yet?


quince,* apple cider vinegar,* organic cane sugar,* spices.*

*certified organic 

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