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October 21 - Holiday Spritzers, Shrubs and Mocktails, 5:30-8:30pm

October 21 - Holiday Spritzers, Shrubs and Mocktails, 5:30-8:30pm


Fancy drinks and cocktails are really exciting and I have recently been swept up in it all.  It is really fun to make fruit preserves that can later be used in all sorts of cordials and such.  In this workshop I will share many different things that you can do with fruit juices and peels of the citrus.  How to make syrups flavored with spices and herbs.  You will learn about one of my new favorite beverages the "drinking shrub".  The word "Shrub" comes from the Arabic word "Sherab" which means to drink.  They are a very old way of drinking fruit juice with vinegar and herbs.  They are the most refreshing drink I have ever had and I think they can be quite therapeutic because you can mix them with healing herbs and spices.  I will show you how to make a lemon Shrub with jalapeños, rosemary and juniper berries.  It is sweetened with honey and is to be drunk with sparkling water or beverage of your choice.  There are a lot of cocktails out there being made with shrubs!!!

You will go home with 3 jars of goodies and a lot of knowledge.  We will share organic snacks and goodies throughout the workshop too! 

This is going to be a really fun workshop, so register early as they tend to fill up fast!  The workshop will be held at Happy Girl Kitchen Flagship location from 5:30-8:30pm at 173 Central ave, Pacific Grove 93950.

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