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Everyday 7:30am - 3pm
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address: 173 Central Ave., Pacific Grove, CA 93950
telephone: 831.373.GIRL (4475)


our story:

Todd and Jordan Champagne began happy girl kitchen co. out of the sheer love of food. After working on farms for years and preserving the glut of our california seasons, Todd and Jordan have been lauded as key members in the thriving food community of the central coast. 

happy girl kitchen co. is dedicated to simple, delicious and farm driven foods. Enriching community and showcasing the unparalleled talent of local farmers are central to the happy girl mission.  By hosting parties, recipe swaps, pop-up dinners and workshops, happy girl kitchen co. empowers people to get involved and learn about the importance of what's on their plate. 

We lived a summer on a family fjord farm in Norway; tending to the garden, milking the cow and making food. Within this pristine and remote mountain environment we were introduced to serious food preservation. This experience brought us to a place and time when if you wanted to eat the fruits of the short summer year round, then you needed to preserve them for the long winter.
Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves farming along the central coast of California, where the fruits of summer have a much longer season and the art of food preservation has nearly faded into a distant memory of dear grandma’s homestead. We were surrounded by beautiful organic farms with abundant harvests and began to practice the skills we learned in Norway.

Up sprouted a business we called Fearless Pickles, our first line of five different pickled vegetables. We soon outgrew this name as we began exploring and expanding our line into heirloom tomatoes and other preserves beyond pickles. Being surrounded by such beautiful organic fruits and vegetable, we find it hard each new season to limit ourselves at all.
We are committed to our working relationships with our local, organic community. We certainly enjoy cruising around the countryside picking up produce from our circle of farmer friends and diving into the kitchen with our canning pots! We have developed simple recipes and techniques so the good life of the central coast of California can be tasted in each bite! A celebration of the simple life each time a jar is opened!