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June 6th - 3 day juice cleanse


Jordan Champagne of Happy Girl Kitchen is inspired to do a 3 day juice cleanse and is inviting you to join her. Right before the holidays is a perfect time to do a juice cleanse and refresh your digestion and give your immune system a boost! This cleanse will include 7 bottles of juice per day including starting the day with straight celery juice. It will be a mixture of fruit and veggie juices. Also included with the cleanse will be 1 jar of house made veggie broth for those who need something warm! You will also get tips and tricks for maintaining a good cleanse including options to add some food if you need it!  

All the fruits and vegetables that we use in making our juices are California Grown and organic - so they are full of the most vitality that you could get. The cleanse will make you feel lighter, support immune function, give your digestion a break AND break unwanted eating habits. It is great to give yourself a break right before the holidays. email with questions. 

Here is what people are saying about our cleanses:

"You opened my eyes to the juice! I have tried various cleanses before - broth, elimination diet, fasting - but all of them left me anxious and hangry. Your juices staved off hunger (with the exception of a handful of almonds on the first and second day), and left me feeling invigorated and … grateful i was taking care of my body.

By day 3 I felt invincible. I went scuba diving at the Aquarium for 3 hours!

I relied on the veggie broth with a scoop of miso for lunch, normally my anchor meal. That addition, was vital.

I lost 3 lbs - my clothes fit better, and i had 4-5 juices left over, so i was able to drink them in place of meals here and there afterwards.

I learned that good, organic juice can be just as filling as a meal - which is something I didn’t quite believe. Probably because I wasn’t drinking intentional lovingly made juice."
"Your juices were just amazing, so sustaining. As for my experience, I didn’t do a strict cleanse, as I kept my morning espresso and I added in some food, avocados and collagen peptides to the broth. Day 1, I experienced cravings and some low energy, Day 2 & 3, I felt great!"
"I Wanted to send a thank you and sincere appreciation for the juices and love you assembled for the juice cleanse. I have enjoyed the 3-days. And I love love love the carrot candy and the Cali roots.  I desperately needed a reset, and this wonderful cleanse came at the right time. I appreciated knowing that I was one among others (including you!) in the reboot, it gave me peace of mind. Thanks so much for initiating it, and for offering such yummy juices."

*for pickup after 3pm day-of date listed

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