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Elixer Party Pack Gift Box


Shrubs!  Shrubs!  Shrubs!  The shrubs featured in this gift box are Quince Shrub, Plum Cardamom and Tomato Cinnamon. These shrubs are made from organic fruit juices, vinegar, sugar/honey and herbs/spices.  They are the most refreshing thing! Mix up and sip for your afternoon pick-me-up (2 oz shrub to 8 oz sparkling water) or add to your favorite cocktails.  We are bringing this old-fashioned tradition back one sip at a time.   

They come packaged in a cute gift box with a bow. Don't forget to write a note for the gift card, if this is a gift. You can also add a black suitcase to your order if you would like us to package it in that and dress it up a little bit. You will see one available on each page of the shop! CUTE!

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