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Wisdom of The Sages Gift Box

The story of this gift box....
The owner of Happy Girl Kitchen, Jordan Champagne, listens to the Wisdom of The Sages podcast every day (it is a daily podcast!  Every single day). Raghunatha and Kaustubha gave her the nickname "Jamuna Jelly" and ever since she has been creating more jellies than ever before. The power of words! In gratitude to the show we decided to do this colab this holiday season!
In this box HGK features some of Kaustubhas and Raghunatha's favorite fruit preserves - preserved and offered with love! The box includes some books highlighting the wisdom from the sages that the podcast highlights! Get spiritual this holiday season and give the Wisdom of the Sages - along with some amazing preserves!!!  Kick back, make some toast and jam and listen to the Podcast!


Box includes: 

8 oz Orange Rosemary Marmalade (Sweet and sophisticated like Kaustubha)
8 oz Sweet and Spicy pickled peppers (Just like Raghunatha) 
8 oz Plum Cinnamon Jam(Sweet and hardworking just like Mara)
Spiritual books
 a stick of incense and more!!!

All of our gifts are packaged in a gift box and come with a note card.  Don't forget to leave a gift note in the order notes section of your cart.




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