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Help Happy Girl make History!!!


We are excited to announce that Happy Girl Kitchen has been approved by the City of Pacific Grove to build a Parklet out front of the Cafe. We have the architect, the designer and the construction crew and now we just need the funding.


We created a really fun Kickstarter campaign with a video giving everyone a glimpse at how fun the Parklet is going to be.  The deadline for the campaign is May 27th because we want to get the Parklet built before summer!  There are great prizes starting with pledges as low as $10 and including recipe booklets from Happy Girl!


The Parklet is going to be a great place for our community.  It will slow down traffic and give pedestrians a place to convene.  It is going to be a thoughtfully designed little park making a great impact on the entry way into Pacific Grove.

Please visit the campaign HERE!!!


A Parklet out front of Happy Girl Kitchen! Now all of the fun that happens inside can spill into the street. Your seat is reserved!

Be a part of Pacific Grove's first Parklet!

What is a Parklet?

A parklet is a small tiny park that is built in parking spaces with a patio like setting where the community can gather.  They are wonderful for communities for many reasons.  The parklet out front of Happy Girl Kitchen is going to be a fantastic traffic calming measure and make people realize that this part of town is also meant for pedestrians.  A place to relax in the sun with your family, friends and dogs.  This Parklet has already started to galvanize the community!  Making the video for this Kickstarter campaign was the perfect launch to how much fun can happen outside!  As you can see, the Happy Girl community has a lot of talent and fun that needs space spill out into! 

The First Parklet in Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is known as "america's last home town".   We were thrilled when the city approved the project.  We have a great architect and designer making sure the Parklet will be cozy and stunning.  The materials will be salvaged and thoughtfully used to add a small park that can make you feel like you are perhaps a little urban even!  A place to drink Blue Bottle Coffee, eat great food and baked goods, meet new friends, run into clients and fall in love!  Let's build it together!  Now that the city has approved the project, it is now up to us to build it.  

We need your help to build the Parklet.  All money collected will directly go to the construction of the Parklet, including materials and the labor of construction and design.  We want to make it a beautiful addition to the neighborhood!  If we surpass our goal, we will happily invest the money into an even more awesome Parklet with things like a fire pit and more!  The sky is the limit!  Please do not be shy if we have already reached our goal, we can use all the funds we receive.  

Thank you and love you and can't wait to sit in our Parklet together!


A Parklet for musicians!


A Parklet to press fresh apple cider within!


A Parklet to be happy in!

View of the Parklet.

A Parklet where you can do your art !

A Parklet to do yoga in, strike a pose!

A parklet to be a kid!

A Parklet to eat AMAZING baked goods!

...See! The Parklet has already had a traffic calming affect!

A Parklet to carve pumpkins in with friends new and old!

A Parklet for Brix to be mastered in!

A Parklet for kids to get involved!

A Parklet for You, dog!

 A special thanks to Michelle Magdalena for all of the photos above all of which actually took place out front of Happy Girl Kitchen on the sidewalk right where the new Parklet will be.

Milliones Besitos to Chris Siracuse the awesomest videographer and full time dedicated customer every day of the week!

Muchismo Gracias to Ken Turgen, architecht extraordinare!

Danke Schon to Erik Seniska the designer and full time director of all things Happy Girl whether we ask his opinion or not!


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