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Support your local farmer and shop Happy Girl!

Where does your money go?

Most of us agree that accounting is no fun.  But one of my favorite parts about it is seeing where all that money goes.  At Happy Girl a big chunk of our money goes to local, organic farmers and that is just one of the things that puts the "happy" in our name.  We also buy other things from  local food artisans and interesting people for our shop.  This past year we have paid our local artist and builder friends to help build and design our new parklet.  Of course another huge chunk goes to supporting the amazing people that do all of the good work at happy girl.  We have a great team of people doing farmer's markets, running the cafe and shop, delivering and picking up at farms, designing our labels, baking our goods, cooking the lunches and of course making all of the delectable preserves that define Happy Girl.  This holiday season we would like to give you confidence that your purchase of Happy Girl goods is going to contribute to supporting the local farms and this wonderfully wacky family of Happy Girl.  Thank you and be proud of where your money goes because it truly can make a difference.  Together we can continue the revolution through food!!! 

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