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celebrity farmers at Happy Girl Kitchen

Why is it that we always hear the saying "celebrity chef" and celebrity this and that, but not "celebrity farmer".  Not at Happy Girl.  We get so excited when our CELEBRITY FARMERS come in to visit us.  Weekly we see different local farmers and it is always a thrill.  This week we received a suprise visit from farmer Tom of Live Earth Farm.  His young delivery driver* decided that he "really needed" to take two weeks off during the busiest season.  This left farmer Tom to do the CSA deliveries himself (did I mention that it was the busiest time of year?).  We were more than happy to host him with hugs and a blue bottle coffee.  We were joking about him having to do the deliveries himself right now and i commented that  I am amazed at how the young generation these days are so good at asserting their needs.  He said you need to import them from Wisconsin or Vermont and we had a good laugh.  It was fun to see the CSA customers come in and see farmer Tom in person and their eyes widened as if they were meeting a celebrity, commenting "I have read your newsletters for years and eaten your vegetables and it is so nice to meet you".  I hope he felt the appreciation he deserves!  Who is your celebrity farmer?

*NOTE:  All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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