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Food Preservationists

   What are the Food Preservationists?  A "jam and pickle club" is the easiest way for me to describe it.  Happy Girl has always been a farm driven company that works exclusively with the local harvest.  It is how we always have such a fresh flavor in our preserved foods.  We created a way for you to have access to bulk amounts with the same amazing local harvest as the seasons change.  Join our email list to begin receiving our seasonal offerings of produce. Throughout the year offerings will include whatever is exciting that the farmers are growing: apples, pears, quince and citrus in the autumn and winter –all in bulk box quantities.  You can see the info on our website at the Food Preservationists tab.

This past week is a perfect example...a farmer from the Santa Cruz Mountains had a crop of organic Bears Limes that all turned yellow and he can no longer sell them to the wholesale market he was previously selling to.  They are gorgeously juicy, tart and nearly seedless.  Perfect for marmalades, salt cured preserved limes, candied citrus peels, freezing the juice, lime zest for citrus salt, lime goes on and on.  And so we are offering a 20 pound box for you to purchase this week only as supplies last.  You can pick up your box at convenient spots from Monterrey to San Francisco and Oakland.  If you email me, we may even be able to ship them to other places in the country for all of you who are not conveniently located in the Bay Area.  We, at Happy Girl Kitchen, want to encourage you to preserve the local harvest any way we can.  We include recipes with the boxes of produce and give lots of workshops throughout the year.  Make gifts, make preserves, make love in a jar!  YUM!

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  • Edie on

    Just finished jamming up my 20 pounds of limes. Whew, that’s a lot of jam! Thanks so much for providing the farm connection and the recipe.

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