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Holiday Craft Fair and Pop Up dinner honoring everyone's favorite farmer!

This week we have some fun events going on.

Happy Girl Holiday Craft Fair - December 4th 6-8pm, December 5th 10-3pm

Come join us at our casual, carefully curated fair featuring local artists.  Come eat some wonderful food, meet great people and revel in the holiday cheer! 

December 9th - Pop up dinner honoring Tom Coke 


When I say "everyones favorite farmer" you know what I mean.  The older couple who have been farming forever - you can see it in their eyes, from their boots and on their hands.  We have such a farmer at our local, Friday farmers market at MPC and his name is Tom Coke.  He is the older guy who pulls up in his old flat bed truck and pulls the awning off of his truck and immediately has a line 10 people thick.  He knows many of them and offers a brief conversation for a chance to connect.  He wears his overalls and packs up and drives off from market promptly at 1pm every week because he needs to get back to the farm to prepare for Saturday's market.  He mildly chastises us that we need to show up early if we want the selection that he offers.  We all adore Tom Coke and so I decided to throw a dinner for him.

The dinner that night will be sourced largely from his farm.  He grows the world's best polenta, cannellini beans and even his own flours.  He grows an amazing variety of vegetables and the best Meyer Lemons.  Please join us to gather around great food during these holidays!  Reserve your spot HERE!

Proposed menu to whet your appetite:

Pickles + Cheese + Crackers

Turnips 3 ways + Sorrel

Spinach Orecchiette

Herbed Polenta + Rustic Greens

Cannellini Beans + Dry Farmed Tomatoes

Mixed Baby Lettuces + Watermelon Radish + Lemon Balsamic


Lemon Curd + Yogurt + Hazelnut Crumble

December 10, 5:30-8pm PIZZA NIGHT AT HAPPY GIRL

You know you want it!  A fun gathering of families and friends eating Cayley's amazing pizza and listening to the player piano.  You can also take pizza to go!



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