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Eat Real is having a preserving contest for amateur producers! GO FOR IT!!!

DIY Contests

photo by Phillip Yip


Put your skills to the test in our food craft competitions! To celebrate Year 5 of Eat Real, the 2013 DIY Contests are featuring our 5 all-time most popular categories: home-brewed beer, jam, pickles, infusions, and fixin's!


· This contest is open to all amateur producers – those who craft for fun, but not for a living

· You cannot submit the same products for multiple categories.

· All items must be canned, bottled, and harvested during 2013.

· All submissions MUST include: name of producer, name of submitted product, ingredients, contact info, processing time/method (if a shelf-stabilized good). Information MUST be attached on product submitted for judging.

· All sealed goods must be shelf stable, meet USDA sterilization guidelines, and be in good condition – free from dust, rust, dents, or other defects.

·Items must be handed in for judging between September 4-7th, 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Eat Real Festival Office in Jack London Square at 65 Webster Ave, Oakland.

Email gail[at]eatrealfest[dot]com with any questions. Winners will be announced on the Food Craft Stage on Saturday, September 28th.


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