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Apple Cider Pressing Party and New Dinner Series!

We are excited to share with you all sorts of news and events that are coming up in our corner of the world.  We have booked workshops through the new year including new and exciting content like our holiday gifts for kids workshop!  Join us for a new dinner seriescalled Homestead Dinners.  There are also two events including our annual Apple Cider Pressing Party and Pumpkin Carving Party!  Scroll down for more details!
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Homestead dinners

A fundraiser for our new homestead to develop community projects on the land.
Fridays at 7pm. 
October 12thNovember 9th, December 7th and January 11th.

These dinners are a chance to gather community around great food and good company sharing visions, ideas, dreams and an all around good time.  Why are they called “homestead Dinners?” Most importantly we want you to feel that you are esteemed guests in our home. Also, as you may know, we have recently bought a homestead in Carmel Valley.  The idea is a tribute to the "RENT PARTIES" of the Harlem Renaissance which played a role in the development of jazz and blues.  Our "RENT PARTIES" are going to give birth to our own sort of Renaissance (see invitation card above)!  It has long been our dream to have land of our own to host activities and events such as workshops, summer camps, retreats and dinners. We have taken another step towards that goal in buying 26 acres with good water and home.  It is going to take A LOT of equity to make our dreams come true. We seem to have lots of sweat equity and we decided to host a monthly dinner series in efforts to help fund our dreams for the property. We will directly use all proceeds from the dinner series to help build our dreams of a community space for empowerment around food!  Right now we are renovating the kitchen and planning a kitchen garden!

Menu - Subject to change due to availability and the chefs whims!



Pickled cherry tomatoes and fennel + house made crackers and Thoma Cheese from Marin

Pan Seared Guindilla Peppers

Ricotta stuffed squash blossoms


Dry Farmed Tomato Salad + Mozzarella + Basil + Avocado

Heirloom Cranberry Beans + roasted peppers + chimchuri

Carrot Rissoto + Cumin broccolinni

Roasted Cauliflower + Kimchi Cream

Heirloom lettuces + garden herbs


Carmelized quince and apples with sunflower crumble and Revival Ice Cream vanilla

Verve Coffee


2018 Workshops and Events all in Pacific Grove at Happy Girl Kitchen Co.



September 25 - Making Amazing Jams, 5-8pm, $95

September 27 - Preserving Tomatoes, 5-8pm, $95

September 29 - Apple Harvest Festival 11-4pm


October 11 - Warming Soups, 5-8pm, $95

October 12- Homestead Dinner Series, $55

October 17 - Apples, Pears + Quince, 5-8pm, $95

October 20 - Innovative Fruit Preserves, 2-5pm, $95

October 27 - Pumpkin Carving Party, 4-8pm


November 6 - Cheese, Kefir and yogurt, 5-8pm, $95

November 8 - The Amazing Bowl, 5-8pm, $95

November 9 - Homestead Dinner Series, $55

November 17 - Fermentation + Pickles, 2-5pm, $95


December 7 - Homestead Dinner Series, $55

December 15 - Holiday Gifts for kids, 12-4pm, $95

Apple Cider Pressing Party!

Come celebrate our 15th annual cider pressing party with us!  It all started when we lived near an abandoned apple orchard in Aromas.  We borrowed a cider press from a friend and we invited all of our friends to come harvest apples with us and press cider for the weekend.  The tradition continues at our place in Pacific Grove where we can gather and press cider all day!  All ages are welcome and it truly will be the best cider you have ever had.  We will also be celebrating our 9 year anniversary of having the cafe and location in Pacific Grove.  Please come and celebrate with us with music, food and good friends!

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