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 I am known to get a little emo at times like this. Mostly because I am so grateful that I am surrounded by so much love and calm and health and knowledge. I have always had the perspective that in times like this we need to band together (keeping our distance) and support each other with love and kindness and nourishment. And that is what Happy Girl is going to try and do. I had to put on ALL my thinking caps this weekend!!!

GRAB AND GO AND PICK UP ONLY ORDER ON OUR WEBSITE NOW!  These are uncertain times and that can work on your mind in many unwanted ways. I am trying my absolute hardest to get creative and find ways to continue to employ everyone on my staff during this dynamic time. We have a lot of ideas and options. I want everyone to continue to be able to pay their bills, eat healthy food, care for those who need them and figure it all out. To do this we need your support! We have developed an online ordering system for GRAB AND GO and PICK UP ONLY at Happy Girl. We are practicing higher levels of sterilization of all of our surfaces in our facility and all of our staff are wearing gloves when preparing foods on top of longer and more frequent hand washing times. We are here to assure you healthy food the way you like it! The website will develop and expand as you tell me what you want. We can make all sorts of things! We have access to the local organic farms and have an amazing amount of bulk goods. We are happy to continue to feed you in any way that you need! Please let us know what you want and need!!!

NATIONAL SHIPPING We also have a full online store that has all sorts of goods such as preserved tomatoes, pickles, jams, marmalades, fruit syrups and shrubs. We have apple sauce and apple juice. We have a whole array of things that we would be so happy for you to have in your cupboards. This is why people started to preserve foods in the first place. For times when access to fresh fruits and vegetables may be limited. Here we go! These can be delivered anywhere in the US 

GIFT CERTIFICATES You can also support us by buying gift certificates at this time. If you have the ability to do this, it will greatly help us out during this little hiccup in time!!! GET GIFT CERTIFICATES HERE! It can also be a nice time to send a gift to someone you know who can use a little upliftment!

LIVE EARTH FARMS MEMBERSHIP I am talking with farms to create happy girl as a pick up spot for their goods as this situation unfolds and as more farmers markets are closed (which is crazy to me because there are SO MANY REASONS they are a healthier way to shop than stores). I understand that everyone is scared of being responsible to spreading the virus, but people need food! Live Earth Farms has a regular pick up at Happy Girl Kitchen on Thursdays. They are easy to join and are practicing extreme safety measures for packing their vegetables. It is a really great way to get the nutritious food you need. You can sign up and find out more information HERE!!!

I am going to develop online classes and workshops because I think now more than ever people need to learn the art of preserving food and making bread and cooking simple foods from rice and beans. Please stay tuned! We want to help everyone stay calm and nourished during these times. We have an amazing food facility that can be a great resource for our community. Please tell us what you want! Please tell us what you need. Then we can stay employed by serving the needs of our community!

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