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The Process of writing a book Part 1 of a 4 part series!

As you know, we have a book coming out in Spring of 2020.  Everyone asks about the process of getting a book published and so I decided to write about it.   The path ahead may be long.  Follow the light!"I want to write a book". This is something that I commonly hear when people learn that I have a book coming out in spring 2020. I am always amazed at how little people know about the long process of birthing a book! I intend to do a series to illucidate the steps involved in writing a book because I have...

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Apple Cider Pressing Party and New Dinner Series!

We are excited to share with you all sorts of news and events that are coming up in our corner of the world.  We have booked workshops through the new year including new and exciting content like our holiday gifts for kids workshop!  Join us for a new dinner seriescalled Homestead Dinners.  There are also two events including our annual Apple Cider Pressing Party and Pumpkin Carving Party!  Scroll down for more details!.. .. . ..  . .. . . . ..  .. . . .. ... Homestead dinnersA fundraiser for our new homestead to develop community projects on the land.Fridays at 7pm. October 12th, November 9th, December 7th and January 11th....

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New workshop series posted!

New teen Saturday night cooking series!  Fun night out for teens only - they will learn how to cook great food and will sit down together to have a delicious and fancy meal at the end of the workshop!   A fun Saturday night for teens to get together with friends and learn a new skill and then sit down for a dinner party together.  Teens are often more open to learning from people outside of the home.  This workshop is geared towards teens who are ready to gain some serious skills in the kitchen and inspire them to make...

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Free Coffee and Ice Cream ALL DAY!!! Saturday, March 3rd.

Free single origin pour overs! Coffee quizzes (with winner & participation prizes!) Raffle (Winner will get coffee, mug, and french press). Pin the Pickle on the jar Free affagato with heart shaped cookie! and more!!!!  

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Happy New Year. Book deal. Farmer's dinner.

Happy New Year!I love love love this time of year.  I get to dream and plan all of my goals for the next year.  I also choose a word that is going to guide me through the year.  In the past the word has been "balance" or "no" or "practice".  This year, my word is DETERMINATION!  It is a great word.  A quick search shows two definitions  firmness of purpose; resoluteness."he advanced with an unflinching determination" the process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research.                          ...

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