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An inspiring trip to Marfa, TX

Sometimes you just need a little perspective!
A group of friends decided to gather in Marfa, Texas for a 40th birthday. We all treked out to West Texas which is really one of the most sparsely  populated regions in the US and it is hard to get to from everywhere.  I had very little expectations from our trip out here, but have gained so much inspiration I feel the need to share. Donald Judd moved to Marfa in the 70's and his collection of artwork has made this town famous.  One man fell in love with the landscape and architecture of this remote and abandoned town and has completely revitalized.  The minimalism is completely inspiring.  It makes us all want to be more thoughtful about ALL of the objects in our life and simplify our possesions.  Distill things down to what is beautiful and useful.  I had a strong experience visiting the 100 casted alluminum boxes by JUDD.  Here is a poem I scribbled while experiencing them.
100 boxes
Compartments for thoughts
a way to organize the esoteric
vacant space...a dream really
in our busy world
filled with clutter.
you can chapter, one project, one idea.
each has its own compartment,
these are the vaults of dreams.
so many possibilites,
wrestling with the space.
Perception. reflection. shadows. light.
the contrast.
We are inside the mind here.

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