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Back from India

Some words of wisdom.

I just returned from a month sabbatical in India.  I left my computer, phone, children, husband, business and all other cares behind.  There were moments of doubt leading up to the trip as to whether it was the right thing.  I am very directly involved in being a parent and in running my business (a lot of overlap as Happy Girl is truly my 3rd child).  I wasn't sure if it was too selfish of me to leave both for so long and I was not sure what consequences I would return to.  I am happy to report that everyone did great with out me and although I was missed, it didn't fall apart without me.  It was actually perfect timing.  Life can be so intense that it is great to take a true break for reflection and wisdom and I am sure that I have returned a better wife, mother and worker due to my time away (once I get over my jet lag!!!!).  
I had an amazing time taking walks, boat rides and rickshaw rides. I ate the most delicious food I have ever had and actually gained weight!  I gained a lot of inspiration from taking classes.  I received peace from visiting ancient temples and singing and dances.  I even had a lot of fun spending a day shopping in New Delhi for all the latest fashions.  It was a perfect mix.  While there I discovered that my word for this year is going to be "deliberate".  I meditated on this word and on bringing deliberate actions into my life.  Last years meditation was my year to say "no" and now I further that with deliberate actions and ideas for 2016.  If you are deliberate then you have the time to deliberate.  Making decisions with a thorough consideration, weighing the consequences and staying focused and determined on the goals.  This takes discipline and intention.  I am ready for it!
Pictured below:  1.  A funny sign that I wish was posted whenever I was veering from my path.  2.  A local sadu who discovered the coziness and fashion of micro fleece.  3.  I was trying to explain to our driver that riding on the back bumper was just not allowed in my country!  4.  A desire tree where people tie on a wish and when it falls off it comes true.  What is your desire?  5.  A huge feast cooked in an outdoor kitchen on the dirt floor (none of us got sick!).  6.  a beautiful larger than life temple I visited in Mayapur.

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