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Cheezy love

What is cheezy love to you?  Here at Happy Girl, cheezy love is so many different things that we had to throw a party just to celebrate it.  Cheezy love.  It is that kind of love that keeps on feeling good.  Love that you can laugh at and with and makes you feel like you are swinging as high as you can get at the playground.  I can feel the butterflies in my stomach right now! Cheezy love can be AWKWARD at times especially when people are being coy.  Cheezy love is something that we are all looking for at some time in our lives!  Come find cheezy love at Happy Girl!
All "cheezy love" photos by Michelle Magdalena!!!
 Who knew that cheezy love could be so CUTE!

Cheezy love is just so funny!

Cheezy love with a devil on their shoulder!

Jonah knows all about Cheezy love...

Girls know what cheezy love is all about!
 Why are all the girls so happy over there?  Ask Mr. Cheezy love!!!

"just keep it clean boys" Grandpa.
Grandpa on the far left came into our shop while we were doing the photo shoot as a customer and made it very obvious that he wanted to join the photo shoot even though he didn't.  It is this kind of spontaneous joy that comes out of Cheezy love!!!

Cheezy love is a chance for couples and singles to have a good time together and dance, eat, drink take photos and more!
Cheezy Love!
A party and a lifestyle at Happy Girl!  Buy tickets here

February 14th 6-9 pm
*Tasty bites - 
yummy appetizers by happy girl to keep the party going!
*Speed dating - For couples and singles alike just a chance to get to know one another better!!!
*Photo booth by Michelle Magdalena - We are proud that this amazing photographer will be sending you home with stylish portraits from her photo/kissing booth!
*Live Dating Game - With Colin, our host who is Clint Eastwood in his younger years, we will all be entertained by this live version! (still seeking qualified applicants!)
*Dancing - Live records and a disco ball and plenty of space!
*Wine and cocktails - Served by Ian and Heather Brand! 

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