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I have a thing for cows!

I have a thing for cows!

Jordan and Ninny in Norway 1999!
I was a staunch vegan until I met Ninny.    Taking a half an hour hike to call out for her in her open pasture as the endless sunset of the northern climate was taking place is just the beginning.  Sitting in the barn and nuzzling into her side as I milked her and listening to the rumblings and grumblings of her stomachs completely won me over.  Cows are such tranquil creatures and their milk is so SWEET!!!  I did not remain a vegan for very long.  I caved to the pressures of fresh cream and hand picked raspberries - one of the most exquisite desserts on the planet.
With 6 gallons of milk a day, there is a lot of experimenting in the kitchen that can happen.  When you hang out with a family cow you really understand why humans discovered so many different ways of preserving the milk....there is so much of it!  Can you think of a more diverse single ingredient?  Through my travels far and wide, I have been keenly interested in the different ways of preserving food and milk is a true standout.  Even amongst the fresh cheeses, yogurts and kefir there is such variety!  I can hardly contain my enthusiasm in my cheese workshops and the one last night proved no different.  They become a hybrid of preservation workshop and cooking workshop where we make such things as paneer and srikand (a traditional Indian dessert).  The possibilities are as endless as the milk supply! Below see some photos from my travels and fun with cows.

Oxen in the winter in Sweden pulling a sleigh!

Oxen in India working the field.

Sunrise on the pasture grounds.

Friends at Live Earth Farm visiting their ahimsa cow "surabhi".  She is who I am currently getting my milk supply from.  For inquiries in getting her milk email me at

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