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Visiting coffee roasters

You may have heard that Blue Bottle is discontinuing their wholesale program.  Nothing like this has ever happened in the coffee industry.  When we opened our cafe, we knew we wanted to serve Blue Bottle.  We met James over 10 years ago working the same farmer's markets together.  I was not much of a coffee person then, but I always knew that I loved Blue Bottle even if I didn't know why.  Now that Happy Girl Kitchen Co. has to find a new roaster, I need to figure out what it is I have loved about Blue Bottle all of these years.  There are many dynamics that go into a good cup of coffee. Transparent sourcing, passionate training, tech support and a lot of love.  So, we are visiting roasters and feel so lucky that there are so many amazing roasters in the Bay Area.

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  • Ruth on

    Zolo Coffee Roasters
    Alamo CA

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