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3rd Annual Apple Cider Pressing Party


Happy Girl Hoe-Down Harvest Party!

refreshing ciderCome join our annual cider pressing party this Saturday, October 20th from 12-4pm sure to satisfy all!  Bring your family and friends to help press thousands of delicious, fresh apples into cider, make applesauce, pie and have a grand old time!  Join us to celebrate the past 10 years of Happy Girl Kitchen and toast to the next 10 years with tasty cider!

We are fortunate to have the fine music of Anne and Pete Sibley for the festival from 1-3pm.  This will all take place at our Headquarters in Pacific Grove at our cafe.  Come for lunch and have a great time and then go take a walk at the beach.  Sounds good to me!

There will be a lot for people of all ages to engage with.  There will be the apple cider pressing where kids love to toss the apples into the grinder and watch to juice pour out below.  We will have loads of pumpkins to encourage the artist in all of us.  Have you ever been to a pumpkin carving party where lots of people carve pumpkins together?  The styles and personalities that come out in the pumpkins are truly amazing.  We will also have fresh apple/quince cobbler and be making apple sauce.  Come.  Learn.  Laugh.  Eat.  Work.  Enjoy. 

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