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Every Body Eats

 First of all, I love the title of this talk.  It explains why food continues to be the common part of so many movements that are happening right now.  Every Body Eats and every time we eat we are voting.  The main topic of the talk ended up being Prop 37 because it is so pertinent right now.  It really comes down to it being our right to know what we are eating and with GMO experimentation that is very important. Pollan summed it up as being a war on awareness and that the powers that be would rather let us eat in the dark.  In this case ignorance is not bliss, rather it is subordination.  I came home with loads of inspiration for all that we are working towards.  It is important to reconnect with our heroes to remind us of the value of what we are doing amidst all of the hard work.  As I read through the pages of "Kitchen Rules"  Happy Girl is doing pretty good at following the rules.  Tonight I get to go see Wendell Berry speak in SF and will report more about the importance of the simple life after that.  Oh, yes.  Please vote YES on Prop 37, it is just our right to know.  More than 50 countries in the world have similar labeling laws that are being proposed.  Don't stay in the dark.

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  • ruby on

    love your stuff!!! you are the best! i can’t read your emails the type is too light- so I wind up haveing to print out. I get the typewritter look so maybe use a darker web color or a heavier weight.

    Ruby (with old eyes)

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