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Community Nights at Happy Girl Kitchen Co.

For the next two weeks you can come and be a part of the party.  4-7pm



Come and chop.  Bring an apron and your friends or kids.  We will have soup and bread and pickles available.  We love our community.  Thank you.  173 central ave, Pacific Grove.


This weekend two friends came by the kitchen to help me out because I was basically in over my head in produce.  We pumped the music and got to work and by the end of the night we went through about 500 pounds of tomatoes.  I was amazed not only how much work we got done, but also how refreshing it was to have new energy in the kitchen and new conversation and new questions.  So, it gave me an nights!  For the first time ever Happy Girl Kitchen is going to open her doors to anyone who wants to come by and help out in the kitchen from 4-7pm (if other time work better for you then please let me know).   So, for the next two weeks you can come and be a part of the party...November 5th-9th MONDAY-TUESDAY-THURSDAY-FRIDAY and November 12th-16th MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-=THURSDAY-FRIDAY.  If you know how to use a knife you are qualified.  We will have games and crafts for kids to do out front hosted by Ry and Jaya.  There will be snacks provided including soup, bread and pickles.

The idea is to come and chop and learn and we can inspire each other and the more of us there are the more work we can get done.  Over the next 2 weeks we will be chopping thousands of pounds of tomatoes, apples, pears and quince.  PLEASE HELP!!!  Think of it as a barn raising.  Think of it as fun.  Think of it as work.  Just stop by whenever you see the light on in the next two weeks and help chop if you want to.  Take home some jars and produce and good community karma.  See you soon.  Please email me ahead if you know for sure you are coming.  I will personally be there to answer your preserving questions.


Jordan and the HGK crew

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