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Pop up dinner this Sunday, December 2nd at Happy Girl in Pacific Grove!

It is that time of the year when you are so busy and have so much to do...let us cook for you!  Matt Millea was formerly a Sous Chef at  Post Ranch Inn amongst many other superb spots in the area and will be cooking up a delightful meal for us all on Sunday night.  Yesterday, Matt and I took a visit to Pinnacle Farm in San Juan Bautista to whet our appetites to create a special one night menu.  We spent about 45 minutes with Phil Foster touring his fields and tasting his crops.  This is the best way to plan a menu is to go to the farm and taste what is really amazing in the field!  I saw both Phil's and Matt's wheels spinning on the walk.  We even coerced some of his wild nettles from him and he was excited to sautee up some of them with his wife for a first time ever.  I took a photo of them uncovering some delicious radishes under the row cover which kept off the pests.  On our tour, we saw the Solar Panels, smelt the biodiesel and witnessed first hand Phil Foster's amazing farming practices including 20 million tons of compost that he makes and casts on his fields every year.  He is an amazing farmer and the dinner will be equally amazing!  Anne and Pete Sibley will be joining us with their sweet melodious music as well.  A night not to miss.  Register HERE!


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