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Dinner, New workshops, 3rd year anniversary and food preservationists take a break!

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Dinner this Thursday, September 26th!

The real star of dinner this week are going to be the tomatoes!  The equinox always is a sign for me that we have one last chance to showcase these jewels of summer center stage.  There will be GREAT classic Italian music by international legends David Dally on the violin and Mike Morrattas on the accordian.  The chef will be our very own Jordan Champagne, displaying her rustic style of cooking with a menu that is heavy on featuring the local harvest!  Sign up now as there are only a few seats left!  REGISTER HERE!

Proposed menu here...


Pickled Cherry Tomatoes, shaved gruyere & Fennel 

Arugula, avocado & olives




 Polenta, cherry tomatoes, brocollini & parseley

Heirloom tomato, buffalo Mozzerella & Basil

Dry Farmed tomatoes & cannellini beans, 

with Blackened zucchini

Butter lettuce & radishes


blue bottle coffee

Dry Farmed Tomato Jam Tarts


Live traditional Italian music with David Dally on the violin and Mike Marottas on the accordion!

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New workshop Series! 
We have posted a new Tuesday night workshop series at our location in Pacific Grove.  We have also added a lot of workshops to our event spaces in San Francisco and Oakland.  Please check it out and register soon!  They sell out fast.

2013 Workshops and Events


September 24 - Cheese in Pacific Grove, 5-8pm $95
October 1 - Preserved Tomatoes in Pacific Grove, 5-8pm, $90
October 8 - Pickles and Ferments in Pacific Grove, 5-8pm $90
October 12 - Pickles and Ferments in Oakland, 10-2pm, $135
October 13 - Apples, Pears and Quince in Oakland 10-2pm, $135
October 19 - Cozy Fall TIme Baking in Pacific Grove, 10-3pm $110
November 9 - Gluten Free Baking in Pacific Grove, 10-3pm $110
November 16th - candied citrus peels, honeyed oranges and Morrocan Lemons in Oakland,10-2pm, $135

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Community Nights

This past Friday, Community nights rescued my week!  I am not sure how your friday went, but for us it felt like we couldn't get anything done and everything was going wrong UNTIL community night.  We got so much done and had so much fun at the same time.  Community nights are really a bright and shining star in my week.  Thank you all for coming out and having fun in the kitchen with me.  It is always something to look forward to.  We will host community nights every Friday night through October from 4-8pm.  

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3rd Anniversary Party
Save the date for Happy Girl Kitchen Co's 3rd anniversary party!  Although we have been in business for over a decade, we are celebrating our 3rd year of having our very own Brick and Mortar building!!!  There will be apple cider pressing, live music, pumpkin carving a recipe exchange and MORE!!!
It will be on Saturday, October 26th from noon to 6pm.  More info soon.

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Food Preservationists

Everyone is asking about the food preservationists and when they can get tomatoes.....we decided that we needed to focus on our own production and so we needed to take a break from the food preservationists until we put up enough of our own salsa, dilly beans and pickles to get us through the long winter.  You can always call in and pick up produce at our brick and mortar in Pacific Grove.  Just call 373.GIRL

This week we are going to be pressing my absolute favorite CONCORD GRAPE JUICE and making Grape Shrub and Real Grape Juice.  (I love this juice so much that I actually pressed it while in labor with my daughter just so that the grapes would not go bad.  If I did not get it done then, it would never have been done!)



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  • Cj Hofer on

    Our son visited your area & shop.
    He bought us some pickles…..“bread & butter”.
    I ate the whole jar…absolutely the bestest EVER! I savored them, ate two a day….had to because I could have ate the whole jar.
    I am planning on coming to Monterey next week & would love to visit your shop & buy more pickles.

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