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Happy Girl's home turns 3 years old!

This Sunday, October 27th from noon to 5pm come party with us!
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3 year anniversary party!

It is always nice to celebrate an anniversary.  We opened our brick and mortar space in Pacific Grove 3 years ago in the Autumn.  I know realize that it was a brave move.  At the time, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves, our friends and family into!  Last night our VW Bus mechanic turned vintage La San Marco espresso machine mechanic said "It takes a village to keep Happy Girl going".  This statement is really true.  This is the true meaning of community and small business.  It is not only the baristas, production crew, chef, baker and general manager that keep it going.  It is the mechanic willing to learn a new type of engine to keep the espresso machine going.  It is the carpenter who became the friend and married the baker.  It is the plumber and handy man who became the friend.  It is the designer who keeps it fluid and in his words "I keep this place from looking like a laundry mat".  It is the farmers who deliver thousands of pounds every week.  It is the good work of blue bottle roasting amazing coffee.  It is the community who comes out on Friday nights and help us in our open kitchen for community nights.  It is the people who are interested in learning food preservation and take our workshops.  It is the people who come to the cafe to eat, drink and meet.  It is the kids who come and help us press cider and feel the worth of real hard work.  It is the people who decide to shop local for the holidays and send gifts from Happy Girl all over the country.  It is the couple who decides to have their wedding rehearsal dinner here.  It is the aquarium employees who come everyday since we first opened our doors (even before).  It is the people all over the country following us on Facebook and in our blog.  It is everyone who has ever had a good thought about Happy Girl Kitchen Co.  It is a network.  This is community.  We support you, you support us and we will all keep it going together.  This is passion.  This is life.  Real food.  Real people.  Real life.

You are our community.  It is for you and with you that we celebrate our anniversary being in this space.  It is you who we invite to come and press apples and drink cider to celebrate another great year!  We hope you will join us!

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