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Happy Girl is making American great again!

Sometimes I wonder how I got so into halloween.  Then, I string all of the effort together and see that this time of year really needs a lot of celebrating.  We are settling into autumn and the darkness and the rains (YAY for rain).  Harvesting giant orange globes on a hillside with an ocean view is a really nice way to nourish the soul during dark times.  Jumping off of bales of hay and then bringing these beautiful pumpkins and gourds to decorate and bring joy.  Making ghosts out of sheets and scarecrows.  Planning events for the community to gather and carve and sing and dance.  These are all good things as Autumn settles in.

 Every year Happy Girl chooses a theme for Halloween.  We usually go all out with all of our employees and it turns into a really fun week of play at work.  In the past we have done hillbillies, pirates and punk.  This year, during such an intense and crazy election, we decided to go AMERICANA.  The first question that I get when I tell people that is "what does that mean?".  By definition, Americana refers to artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States.  We are choosing to have a heavy reference to PATRIOTISM and NOSTALGIA!  For me, it is more of a philosophical costume rather than a physical one.  

We have been throwing around the phrase "Happy Girl is making America great again....and again....and again."  This means that YOU are making America great again and the entire community has the chance to make America great again.  Our destiny is in our own hands and I I truly believe that no politician has the power or ability to make America great again no matter who they are due to the ties to corporate money and lobbying and greed.  How free we are from all of that!  We actually as a community one by one can make America great, and not just again, but way better than before!  So right before this election we are saying that we are not aligned with anyone accept the empowerment and the diversity of people that comprise this country and love.  We are politically aligned with LOVE and truth!  Friday thru Monday we will be in full costume and performing soap box shows which can include songs, rants and poems.  Please come by and see why Happy Girl is making America great again and join the fun!

We are delighted to announce that in the Americana mood, we have booked a concert with Elvis.  Come see the show Sunday, October 30th at 2pm.  We feel fortunate that we have a connection with a musician from Memphis who is taking a road trip out to Pacific Grove just during Halloween and is happy to perform and Elvis impersonation!!!! What can I say, I'm all shook up!  The one and only, Jordan Smart will be the opening act which we thought is very appropriately AMERICANA since he also opened for our beloved BERNIE SANDERS earlier this year!



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