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Happy New Year

New Year...I felt like I had a mini new year in Late October and I realize that it helps to have mini new years throughout the year so that one can consolidate ideas and actually take action.  The changing of the year on our calendars is a natural time to reflect and set goals.  I will share with you Happy Girls stats for 2016 and goals for 2017!!!
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It is pretty wild how much fun we manage to have at work.  We know that we are very fortunate.  The Happy Girl family comprises of 15 employees and many independent contractors and the entire community of customers and supporters.  This year, all together we did some amazing things!  I have always had the tagline "revolution through food" on my email and I truly believe that food is the fastest way to many revolutions including social, economic, environmental, and most importantly spiritual.  "You are what you eat" so here we go....

2016 stats
Over 25,000 pounds of tomatoes preserved

Over 27,000 pounds of local fruits preserved
Over 30,000 pounds of local vegetables preserved

Every pound of local, organic produce preserved is a part of the revolution to reduce our carbon footprints.  Part of the revolution to help small, local farmers make a living.  Part of the revolution to support a small local business survive amidst the giants.  Part of the revolution for cleaner water for cleaner farming practices.  Part of the better health revolution eliminating BPA lined cans from our lives.  Part of the spiritual revolution of the celebration of the simple life each time a jar is opened.  When we first started Happy Girl 15 years ago, I was managing a local farm and was amazed that it was very hard to find locally produced preserves with organic ingredients.  Thank you for being a part of this revolution by supporting this sustainable business model succeed and grow another year! 


15,875 lunches served
16,298 coffees served

We are so grateful for the support of our cafe in the community!  We make everything from scratch with the best ingredients we can source.  That means nearly everything is organic or beyond organic including oils, spices, vinegar, sugar, dairy, beans and grains etc.  We source all of our ingredients as close to our kitchen as possible.  We give complete attention to flavor and freshness.  We compost and recycle most of our waste.  We serve all vegetarian food which has been proven to be much better for our drought conditions, clean water, clean air and a step towards a non-violent world.  That means for every lunch served we are shifting the paradigm.  

Over 600 people taught how to preserve food including kids camps, workshops and fieldtrips!

"feed a person a pickle and feed them for a day, teach a person to pickle and feed them for life".  We feel strongly that people of all ages and abilities should learn the basics in the kitchen including how to preserve food.  It empowers them in many ways and can connect them to their communities.  In a day when people are increasingly busy and lonely and stressed, playing in the kitchen can solve a lot!  

community gatherings, book talks, workshops, sing alongs, open mics, wedding rehearsal dinners, fundraisers, think tanks etc.

We feel so lucky that Happy Girl is a true community space where people can gather and unite for so many wonderful reasons.  We are honored at the caliber of the events and conversations that take place within our walls.  We look forward to more!


It is always nice to have something to look forward to.  Our goals at Happy Girl are to introduce a whole new line of salads, increase the quality and offerings on our lunch catering menu, host more private dinners to highlight the local organic harvest and to give everyone a raise! Oh yea....and what about that book?  We look forward to 2017.  Cheers, peace and love. Thank you for reading!!!

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