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Vote Happy Girl the best!!!!!

We have been nominated for 3 categories for the best of in Monterey county and we only have until TOMORROW FEBRUARY 23RD  to vote!!!  Please vote HERE AND NOW!!!!  Make sure to vote us for
1.  Best vegetarian restaurant 

2.  Best pickle

3.  Best kitchen shop/Gourmet shop

The Workshop schedule is booked through July.  There is even a workshop tomorrow night on working with citrus in 4 different ways including Morrocan lemons, candied citrus peels, spritzers and shrubs!  Please join us if you have the time.  We would love to have you!

We also booked the summer camps for kids and included a special week for graduate campers who have come to our summer camps before and are ready for the next level.

We have also included a new Indian cooking class in April.  I have just returned from a trip to India and am inspired to share with you some key secrets to Indian cooking.  I will write more about that trip in next weeks blog.  

Check out the schedule here:

2017 Workshops and Events 


 February 23 - Citrus 4 different ways, Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95


March 6 - Marmalades = flavor construction.  Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95

March 25 - Cheese.  Pacific Grove 10-1pm $95


April 12 - Syrups, Spritzers and Shrubs.  Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95

April 21 - Indian Cooking.  Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95

April 22 - Fermentation workshop.  Pacific Grove 10-1pm $95


May 13th - Pickles 3 different ways.  Pacific Grove 10-1pm $95

May 24 - Jams with Spring Berries.  Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95


June 2 - Lasagna and Cheese.  Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95

June 5-9 - Culinary Camp! ages 8-15.  Pacific Grove 9-3pm $395

June 12-16 - Culinary Camp! ages 8-15.  Pacific Grove 9-3pm $395

June 24 - Apricots and Stone fruits - Jams.  Pacific Grove 10-1pm $95


July 17-July 21 - Graduate Culinary Camp! Pacific Grove $395

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