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Amos Nachoun and Happy Girl Unite in a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!!!
It is all about community....

In this day, people are so busy it is hard to find the time to connect.  I am lucky to have a cafe that is a destination that people come to do just that and we have a regular we would like to connect you to.  Meet Amos Nachoun, world class photographer and adventurer.  He is just too good to keep to ourselves and so together we have launched a kickstarter campaign to introduce him to the rest of the community!  You never know who is sitting next to you at the table until you say hello...

About this project

Amos  is a world renowned wildlife photographer that moved to the Monterey Bay community 3 years ago and whenever he is back home from his explorations he comes to Happy Girl Kitchen cafe every day for a cappuccino.  Over the years we always love hearing tales from afar when Amos returns from an expedition.  Everyone gathers around to hear larger than life stories and see his amazing photos that prove it.  His environmental ethic is tempered with very, very personal experience with very big animals. Amos is a hidden treasure in our little community and we want to share his story with all of you!  Our cafe, Happy Girl Kitchen, is perched on the edge of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and is an active community hub where people connect and share their talents, a gathering place where one can nourish both body and soul.  Thus our dream arose to hang a photo exhibit of his exhilarating nature photography on our walls and host an opening evening event so that we all have a chance to hear Amos' amazing tales, sharing his firsthand experiences feeling the powers alive among Nature's grandest animals.

Because Amos is a great public speaker and story teller and loves sharing stories, he naturally raises our awareness about the ocean environment and the current state of our planet.  He has also developed a very deep world view through his travels and an optimistic outlook that is contagious. Amos has a wisdom about fear and consciousness that is very unique and inspiring.  

Together we have launched this Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to print large format photographic prints for an exhibit at Happy Girl Kitchen.   Now is your chance to hear his stories while he is still alive and living in our community!  The images below will give you a good idea of his work, travels and experience!  Imagine yourself behind this lens and come hear firsthand from the person who was!

















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