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We have a lot to share!

Welcome to the new Happy Girl Kitchen Tasting Room.


We are very happy to invite you to come visit our new tasting room at our flagship location in Pacific Grove.  We have consolidated all of preserved goods in one spot so that you can shop with more ease.  The best part is there is a tasting table in the center of the room so that you can try all of our products before purchasing.  We have a great selection of exquisite chocolates and caramels to go with all of your holiday gifts.  

171 Central ave.  Pacific Grove  9-5 every day!

We have big plans for 2018 to introduce tasting nights which we hope will evolve into a warm community event of tasting food and sharing ideas and handing out recipes.  We will feature creations that we make with our preserved goods both savory and sweet.  Please stay tuned!

Speaking of events....tomorrow night is our last workshop of the year!  Come learn how to make delectable holiday gifts.  We will candy citrus peels, make knock-out cranberry sauce and honeyed oranges.  For more information click HERE!!!

The new Tasting Room also gives our cafe its own new identity.  We would like to increase the private events that we host in that space where we can easily seat 55 people.  We have hosted an array of events in the past including wedding rehearsal dinners, 60th birthday parties and even the national farmer's union!  One of our favorite crowds to host there are the Trafalgar bus tours, where 55 people on the Northern California tour walk off of the bus fresh from Yosemite and sit down to a local farm centered meal together.  They are transformed during that meal and the experience quickly becomes one of the highlights of their trip.  We look forward to all that is to come for 2018!

Please come by for a taste!



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Gift boxes!

 We have been really busy tucking away the amazing local fruits and vegetables all year long so that you can give the gift that everyone wants!  Good food and good company!  We were busy building our new shop and so we ended up missing sending out a newsletter for BLACK FRIDAY.  Then, I was sure to make the newsletter for CYBER MONDAY.  It all came and went.  My inbox was flooded with special offers under pressure and good causes to donate to.  I felt like such a slacker.  I missed the rush of holiday shopping and I also missed the rush encouraging you to shop Happy Girl for the holidays.  So this newsletter goes out to all the slackers who are going about it all at a relaxed pace.  This week, take your time and visit our website and make your orders at your leisure and you can get 20% off all gift boxes all week long until Sunday night!  RELAX!  Now doesn't that feel better!

Click here for 20% off on gift boxes or add coupon code "Grateful2017" at check out.

We have an array of gift boxes that we have put together for your on our website.  Check it out here!!!


Introducing the new Pantry Party Pack gift boxes!  We have 3 different ones that are the perfect gift to really stock someones pantry and let them remember you all year long!  

Check it out here!



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