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learn how to preserve food! 

happy girl kitchen co. has a full schedule of workshops offered at our store, cafe & kitchen location on Cannery Row in Pacific Grove, as well as locations in a vicotrian home in the Temescal district of Oakland, in the test kitchen of Flour + Water in SF, at Cavallo Point and MORE!  

Do you want to enjoy local foods like tomatoes and cherries year round? Do you have an interest in food traditions and preservation and want to learn more? Are you interested in canning, but have a fear of not doing it safely?  Whatever your motivation, Happy Girl Kitchen Co. is offering a variety of workshops on preserving the local harvest in simple and delicious ways. 


2015 Workshops and Events


July 11 - Crunchy pickles and dilly beans!  11-3pm, Oakland $135 (sold out!)

July 12 - Ferment Fever!  Sauerkraut, Kombucha and Kimchi 11-3pm, Oakland $135

July 14 - Crunchy pickles and dilly beans! 6-8:30pm, Pacific Grove $95

July 16 - Pickles and ferments - Parents and kids 5-8pm, Pacific Grove

July 28 - Ferment Fever!  Sauerkraut, Kombucha and Kimchi 6-8:30pm, Pacific Grove $95


August 4 - Preserving wonderful tomatoes!  6-8:30pm, Pacific Grove $95

August 8 - Preserving wonderful tomatoes! 11-3pm, Oakland $135

August 15 - Crunchy pickles and dilly beans, Cavallo point Sausalito


September 12 - Apples, Pears and Quince 11-3pm, Oakland $135

September 15 - Apples, Pears and Quince 6-8:30, Pacific Grove $95

Class Cancellation Policy

  • 2 weeks or more before class - credit toward future class.
  • 7 days before class - $50 cancellation fee - remaining balance credit toward future class.
  • 6 days or less before class - no credits.
  • No refunds.

More workshops and events coming soon!

Contact jordan{at}happygirlkitchen{dot}com to join the wait list for sold out workshops.
Please call us at (831)373-4475 with any questions. 

happy girl kitchen co. is proud to offer the very best in artisan preserves, workshops and events in the bay area. we work closely with area farmers, as all products are all made with organic farm fresh produce.
contact sales@happygirl kitchen.com for more information, shipping inquiries or to send love notes.