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Pop up dinner this Sunday, December 2nd at Happy Girl in Pacific Grove!

It is that time of the year when you are so busy and have so much to do...let us cook for you!  Matt Millea was formerly a Sous Chef at  Post Ranch Inn amongst many other superb spots in the area and will be cooking up a delightful meal for us all on Sunday night.  Yesterday, Matt and I took a visit to Pinnacle Farm in San Juan Bautista to whet our appetites to create a special one night menu.  We spent about 45 minutes with Phil Foster touring his fields and tasting his crops.  This is the best way...

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Community Nights at Happy Girl Kitchen Co.

For the next two weeks you can come and be a part of the party.  4-7pm November 5th-9th MONDAY-TUESDAY-THURSDAY-FRIDAY and November 12th-16th MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-=THURSDAY-FRIDAY. Come and chop.  Bring an apron and your friends or kids.  We will have soup and bread and pickles available.  We love our community.  Thank you.  173 central ave, Pacific Grove.   This weekend two friends came by the kitchen to help me out because I was basically in over my head in produce.  We pumped the music and got to work and by the end of the night we went through about 500 pounds of tomatoes. ...

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Every Body Eats

 First of all, I love the title of this talk.  It explains why food continues to be the common part of so many movements that are happening right now.  Every Body Eats and every time we eat we are voting.  The main topic of the talk ended up being Prop 37 because it is so pertinent right now.  It really comes down to it being our right to know what we are eating and with GMO experimentation that is very important. Pollan summed it up as being a war on awareness and that the powers that be would rather let...

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3rd Annual Apple Cider Pressing Party

  Happy Girl Hoe-Down Harvest Party! Come join our annual cider pressing party this Saturday, October 20th from 12-4pm sure to satisfy all!  Bring your family and friends to help press thousands of delicious, fresh apples into cider, make applesauce, pie and have a grand old time!  Join us to celebrate the past 10 years of Happy Girl Kitchen and toast to the next 10 years with tasty cider! We are fortunate to have the fine music of Anne and Pete Sibley for the festival from 1-3pm.  This will all take place at our Headquarters in Pacific Grove at our...

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Only 10 more days to reach our goal! Please show your support by pledging as little as $1. Please share the news and spread the love! Click above to watch our Kickstarter video, created by our friends at NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS. Click here to visit our Kickstarter page:

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